Friday, May 17, 2013

Is it any question what's on my radar this week?


Last week I answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Swap Meet II...I think I actually had a little too much fun with it, actually. In recent weeks, our event has been covered by a few Toledo-area publications like:

Okay.  I just wanted to share those things.
The real reason I'm writing today is to show you something we've been bringing up for some time now.


This time around we're doing things a liiiiittle bit differently. There are only two prizes.

You, maybe: Awww, what? Only TWO?
Me, definitely: Yes, two...BASKETS.

Raffle Baskets! One lucky guy and one lucky gal are going to be leaving Swap Meet II with a basket full of goodies from only Toledo businesses and vendors who were all kind enough to donate to us.

Here is just some of the stuff we'll be giving away:

 A sleeewww of gift certificates. Shown here are certificates courtesy of QQ Kitchen (so delicious!) and, for the dudes, Woodville Surplus. (Don't worry, ladies. We've got some great gal-specific things coming in too).

For the ladies...
For the men...

David Broadway Salon & Spa were kind enough to give us gifts for both women and men, some of which can ONLY be purchased at the salon. (Gals, be warned, those bottles are HUGE.)

Lastly (at least for the purposes of this post), what kind of fashionistas would we be if we didn't give away some locally made apparel?



T-shirt masters, Devicious! and Jupmode gifted us some of their favorite designs for you to possibly take home! These clothes are being designed AND printed in Toledo, so that is pretty rad.

So we can all agree that this is a pretty sweet deal, right? These baskets will each be worth over $100, easily. I can't even tell you how badly I want to win one, only I can't enter (that wouldn't be fair!). EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS THE SWAP IS ELIGIBLE! Come on down to the Ottawa Tavern, give some money to the YWCA Northwest Ohio, get as many fashionable finds as you want, and maybe even WIN these baskets! Sounds like an awesome time!

Hope to see you there, Toledo.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013




I cannot be more excited for me, for you, and for everyone we know. This is going to be a great chance tro get some killer goodies!

That means NOW is the time to scour your closets looking for those gems that maybe you haven't worn in a year or saw potential in but never put it to use. Sometimes...that can be hard. Personally, I'm so fickle that I find myself throwing things into my swap bag for trading year-round, just waiting for the big event.

First, as a general guideline, let me share the rules here:

Next, let me recommend you grab yourself a snack (tonight mine will be guacamole and tortilla chips, chased with a glass of wine), put on some music (I'm a die hard Prince fan), and open up your closet doors to a whole world of possibilities! BE OPTIMISTIC! EXAMINE EVERYTHING!

I like to ask myself these questions:

1. have i worn it in a year?
2. Do I find myself putting it on and almost ALWAYS changing my mind, and taking it iff?
3. Does it fit me?
4. Do I feel good in it?

Usually once I get through the first couple questions, I start to realize what goes and what stays. I actually love my bi-annual swap closet clean out because I either A. make room for more goodies (YESSS!) or B. fall in love with pieces in my wardrobe that I forgot I even owned!

Don't forget to check your shoe racks and jewelry boxes, too! You'll find the same rules and questions apply there.

Good Luck Swappers and don't forget to breathe! See You Guys SUNDAY!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

STYLE FILE: Angela Perley

Good afternoon, SWAPpers :)

Introducing Angela Perley, who will be performing at Toledo's Swap Meet 2! The gals and I went through a list of about 27 musical acts and this lady charmed the sequined pants right off us! Upon further investigation (read: Facebook stalking), I realized that Ms. Perley has a definitive personal style: country nerd chic. But don't let that fool you. She's no hick wallflower! Angela Perley performs with her band, the Howlin' Moons, and they released a 5-song EP titled Nowhere is Now Here in late 2012. Download it HERE on iTunes! We fell in love with the scrappy vocals she contributed to the more up-tempo numbers (a hint of Wanda Jackson!) and swooned over her sultry ballads, too.

We caught up with Angela Perley to get her take on what it's like to be a fashion-conscious country girl on tour. We're SO looking forward to hosting her at Swap Meet 2 on May 19th at Ottawa Tavern!!!


P.S. All images c/o Angela Perley's Facebook page.

Define your personal style.
My personal style is a mixture of girly, western, and rock and roll. I wear a lot of florals, prints, fringe, fedora hats, boots, and curls. I've been on a floral crown kick lately too-they add great height and color and are lighter than a hat to wear in the spring and summer.

How do you typically shop for/find new additions to your wardrobe?
I do most of my shopping at vintage, antique, and thrift stores. I always seem to find some hidden and unique gems.

What do you love to wear when you perform on tour?
The easiest thing for me to wear on tour are fit and flare comfy dresses, boots, hats, and sunglasses to hide the lack of sleep I've been getting. Usually picking out clothes that don't wrinkle too much is good because I can just cram them in my suitcase and not have to worry about having to iron or to spray wrinkle releaser on them (always seems just to make big wet circles on clothes when I try that stuff). I have a leather red fringe coat that is my favorite too- perfect for chilly evenings and light enough for day wear.

Your sound has been described as "back porch rock" and "book-ish". Does this inform your style? Have any musicians influenced what you wear?
I guess you could say that it does cross over into my style being a mixture of those elements as well. I sometimes break out my 1960's cat eye glasses- I like how they make me see clearer and how they add a little librarian touch...makes my eyes feel perky and cat-like which I dig. I love 1950's-70's country and rock music so I'm sure in a way I have probably been influenced a lot by Patsy, Loretta, Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Wanda Jackson and all those artists' unique styles- mixture of classic and rock 'n' roller.

Have you ever been to a clothing swap? What do you hope to find at Toledo's Swap Meet 2?
This will be my first clothing swap! I have always heard of them but haven't had a chance to go to one yet so I am really looking forward to this one. I'm on the hunt for some sweet cut off shorts, vintage tees, and perhaps a comfy sundress.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions with Swap Toledo!

Welcome to the weekend!

Our second swap meet, cleverly titled SWAP Meet II, is scheduled to take place nearly one week from now. Maybe you came to our first swap, or maybe this is your first one. Either way, it's time to get some of those burning questions answered.

When is the swap?
May 19th from 5pm–8pm at THE OTTAWA TAVERN.

The Ottawa Tavern?
Yes. We've moved to The Ottawa Tavern.

Will there be a cover?
The cover for this event is $5 with 5+ items and $7 with fewer.
We're charging a little bit more this time, but 100% of our door proceeds are being donated to the YWCA Northwest Ohio. Again, that's 100%.

I'm a dude. Is this for me?
Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!

So how is this thing gonna work?
Essentially you bring gently used clothing that you're willing to give to a new home. Maybe it's something you forgot to take back to a store, or the return policy wouldn't let you. Maybe it's just something that doesn't fit anymore. As long as it's in good condition, we'll take it, put it on a rack, and let everyone roam freely, shopping for gently used clothes. If you like something, TAKE IT!

Define "good condition."
As Miss Jordan likes to say, "Don't bring it if you would paint your house in it."

Here are some rules regarding your items, as stated on our event page
1. Acceptable items to bring include gently used clothing, shoes, accessories (jewelry, scarves, gloves, handbags, hats). No undergarments, sports equipment, perfume samples, etc.
2. Only bring items you are absolutely certain SOMEONE will want. Bring it because you want to see it on someone’s body, not in a donation bin. If you know it’s awful, do not swap it!
3. The Swap Team has the right to deny presentation of any item we see as unfit for the event. We promise we will use the utmost discretion when doing so. No, this is not about your taste, it's about bringing something that is falling apart, dirty, etc.
5. Try to keep the items as in-season as possible. Please try to bring only spring and summer items.
What's the deal with the Cocktail Hour?
During the first hour of our event, we'll be having a Cocktail hour, which will give us a bit of time to get all the clothes coming through the door on racks for your viewing pleasure.

Of course we're bringing back the Signature SWAPtails, this time going by the names The Robert Redford and The Jane Fonda.

Ok, I'm in. Is there a limit to how many items I can bring?
NO! Last time even we had a tough time keeping it down to just eight items, so this time we want everyone to bring all they can! Just be sure to bring everything ON HANGERS. This helps us to get everything on the racks more quickly.

But I can only take the same amount of things that I brought, right?
Another no! Even if you don't bring anything, you're welcome to take clothes home with you. We want everyone to experience the magic of the swap, even if that means you didn't technically swap anything.

Bottom line: why should I come?
Not only is this an exciting community event, but it's also for charity. The YWCA runs many programs not only pertaining to battered women and violence but also youth development, health, housing, and child care. 

Aside from the Signature SWAPtails, we're going to have entertainment from Angela Perley and DJ Simplicity, and our ever-popular photobooth from Christie Materni/Materni Media.

At the end of the night, we're going to do a raffle for two baskets filled with goodies from local vendors. One for a lady, and one for a gent. These vendors include Jupmode, Devicious!, QQ Kitchen, David Broadway Salon, The Ottawa Tavern, and more!

Well, that and you can take ALL THE CLOTHES YOU WANT.

And we promise to have you home before Mad Men and/or Game of Thrones ;)

There you have it. A slew of FAQs. Have more? Feel free to ask here or over at our Facebook page (link up top in the side bar)!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crawling for Vintage Fashion

First and foremost, dear swappers, let me formally announce Swap Toledo's change of venue for our May 19th Swap Meet II. We will be holding at... (drum roll please)...


Sorry for the change of plans, dudes and dudettes, but you know us divas; we've always got to throw in a couple costume changes! However, we're very excited because for us, there isn't a better place to find Toledo fashion than the Adams Street Bars. 

And speaking of the Adams Street Bars... This weekend they will be hosting The DECADES ON ADAMS Bar Crawl featuring decade-themed bars up and down the street. WHAT A GREAT IDEA RIGHT?! As soon as I heard, I got a huge (excuse my french) Vintage Boner. What a wonderful chance to showcase all the vintage clothes in my closet that haven't seen the light of day (well, not since they weren't vintage). The participants/their coinciding decades are as follows:

Manhattans will be dark and smokey and 40's themed.

There will be a 50's Sock Hop at the Ottawa tavern.

Peace, Love, and the 60's at The Attic.

Boogie Oggie Ooogie into the 70's at Wesley's.


Do your best Cyndi Lauper (in drag) impression at Bretz and celebrate the 80's.

I can't think of a more perfect way to spend my weekend than this. I'm drooling at the moment, thinking of it. I can't quite decide on my decade of choice just yet, as they're all so marvelous! But here, I'll share some of my inspiration.

A wide-brimmed hat, high-waisted shorts, and a crop top. Vintage or did I just see a girl in this at the mall?

Collared blouses FTW!

80's Dior you've never left our hearts. I'm still waiting for a DIY tutorial from Renee telling me how to make a bow headband!

And I'm pretty sure this is a picture from just the other day outside an Adam's Street Bar...just sayin'.

My excitement for this event cannot be contained. Toledo People get out there and shake, shake, shake your booty in some great vintage wear! 


Monday, May 6, 2013

STYLE FILE: Cure for Anorak-naphobia

Good afternoon, SWAPpers :)

What can I say? I LOVE a good anorak. Anoraks can provide a stylish military accent to toughen up any outfit that may be in danger of appearing "too sweet". They can also be layered on top of or underneath garments of varying textures either for warmth or because you just effing love it.

I'm donning a tie-dye tank, sleeveless gray sweatshirt and white rabbit fur stole with my green anorak windbreaker today!!!

Thankfully, the popularity of this trend has inspired designers to create diverse versions of the anorak. Just find your favorite and rock it how you want. It won't be long till it's too hot and sticky to wear them!!!


Grunge military, anyone?

Brighten absolutely everyone's mood with a bold color (left). You won't blend in with this cute camo and studded bag combo (right).

Casual knits and a big smattering of bling (left). Shiny, leathery blue (center). Printed anorak with lace underneath (right). Perfecto!

I am so happy to live in a world where a metallic anorak exists!!!

More variations on this wardrobe must-have: Sequin sleeves (left), worn with an trusty old sweater (center) and leather accents under a multi-color anorak (right). 

Denim and polka-dot spring deliciousness under a coral red anorak (left). Finally, an anorak that looks like it was stolen from the set of Missy Elliott's video, "Supa Dupa Fly" (right).

Friday, May 3, 2013

On My Radar: Seeing the Possibilities

Good evening!

Today I'm excited to share one of the most important things to think about while swapping or thrifting. I call it "seeing the possibilities" and it means just that. As you may know, I'm pretty cheap and have a penchant for DIY projects (remember the possibility I saw in an old "leather" purse?) DIY can sound pretty labor-intensive, but I promise you it doesn't have to be. Work around something because you like it so much and don't just rely on any old store having something unique that fits you perfectly. This is more fun!

Let me show you what I mean:

If you find a shirt with a pattern you like, but are worried it might be too much...

Try cutting off the sleeves! I love wearing this shirt with jeans, skirts, you name it. Removing the sleeves makes this shirt ultra-feminine and perfect for spring and summer.

Been wanting one of those boyfriend-y looking fitted blazers for cheap? 

Check the boys section at Goodwill or Savers! The fit of my blazer is fantastic and it cost less than $5! BONUS: It has a pocket on the inside that perfectly fits my phone.

Next time you're out, keep your eyes peeled for long skirts with patterns you like. If it's too big...

Cut the zipper outta that sucker and wear it as a wrap skirt! Cutting the zipper out makes the fabric lay a lot better when it's overlapped. After that, just pop a safety pin in there and cover it up with a belt. Boom!

Let's not forget about accessories.

These "collar tips" began as two clip-on earrings from Savers. With an old chain and a little love, I have a new statement piece to wear with all my collared shirts. Seriously, this did not take more than 10 minutes.

Last, but certainly not least, is this pair of white boots I studded myself.

Amazing, right? The boots came from Salvation Army and the studs were purchased online for a different project. This did take a little time, but it was so worth it! This is literally the only pair of white shoes I own (sneakers included).

Hopefully now you see what I mean about "seeing the possibilities." As people, we are all so unique and our wardrobes should reflect that. Start seeing the possibilities and I guarantee it will.

Work it, Toledo!